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Litigation Support

Involved in a real estate related dispute? TASSI and Company offers a full range of consulting services starting at the initial review of the issue through the trial appearance. We provide litigation support to both plaintiffs and defendants.

The successful outcome of a financial controversy is often dependent upon accurate and understandable accounting information. By this we mean that the financial ramification of facts and evidence are often pivotal to a ruling or settlement.

Developing and reporting on the facts and evidence is a two-step process. In developing those facts, the accountant is called upon to exercise his skills in the application of the auditing techniques of observation, documentation, interrogation and evaluations to establish the objective reasonableness of the financial facts presented. On having established the reasonableness of the facts, our conclusion must then be conveyed in a written report clearly addressing the issues in a form meaningful to all parties involved.

We focus on a systematic approach, assessing the unique requirements of each matter and working with a network of experts guaranteeing the proper expertise and provide you with the best advice possible. We provide credibility, knowledge, expertise, and the ability to properly communicate and present our position in layman's terms for all to understand. We use sophisticated technology to produce our findings in color charts, graphs, and meaningful table formats.

The size and variety of our clientele, the wide range of services we provide, and the high level of expertise that our personnel possess provide us with the ability to efficiently digest information and develop meaningful analysis necessary for investigative accounting. Our ability to anticipate rather than react provides a valuable insight to the litigation process.

We value work that asks of us both skill and wisdom, and we hope to discuss any projects you may have.

TASSI and Company provides the following Litigation Support services:
  • Interviewing appropriate individuals

  • Analyzing financial records and other business documents

  • Assisting in drafting interrogatories and requests for document production

  • Aiding in preparation of questions for depositions and overall strategy of the case

  • Reviewing and analyzing opposing counsel's expert's work

  • Providing expert witness testimony at trial

  • Preparing Courtroom quality exhibits

  • Evaluating compliance with partnership agreements

  • Determining and evaluating related party fees and cost

  • Aiding the bankruptcy and reorganization process
TASSI and Company provides the following Potential Fraud services:
  • Prepare Forensic investigations and discovery

  • Investigate financial motives

  • Analyze financial history, surrounding circumstances, and internal operating procedures

  • Verify the magnitude of the loss

  • Investigate accounting procedures

  • Reconstruct missing records
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